Market Analysis & Forecast

Since 2008, Perret Associates has developed a very comprehensive and unique to our knowledge portfolio of analysis and forecast for the steam coal and freight markets.

Indeed with its Short Term Price Forecast, Medium Term Price Forecast and Long Term Price Forecast. the company covers the entire curve from a few days ahead up to 20 years ahead, as well as all steam coal qualities and geographical zones.

Perret Associates has achieved a significant track record of forecast accuracy over the period and traders active on a daily basis in the coal and freight markets are keen to have our views, at least as a benchmark and often take trading and risk management decisions based on our recommendations.

Our analysis are based on a combination of top-down supply-demand detailed per country, in-depth modelling, as well as more technicals and qualitative parameters.

Just to give a snapshot of our recent performance as part of the Medium Term Price Forecast, Perret Associates' average forecast for the API2 index in 2014 was at $78.65/t and the average of the actual daily  indices was at $76.25/t (3.1% difference).

Since the launch of the Short Term Price Forecast, Perret Associates has achieved an average of 63% correct price trend for the following week for the API2 and API4 contracts.

Over the past 4 years, Perret Associates has been correct in its trend prediction for the Long Term Price Forecast and very accurate in its actual price forecast.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our analysis and track record.

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