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Interim Supply & Demand, Steam Coal, The world after COVID
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Meet up with Perret Associates as Course Director
Coaltrans School of Coal Digital organized by Coaltrans
28 September-25 November 2021
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September 2021, Oxford UK
Coal Market and Trading Programme organized by ICE Futures, London
29 November-9 December 2021, Digital Course
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Coal Market and Trading Programme with ICE Futures in London

Short video introducing the course

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3-4 million tonnes maximum potential loss from Murmansk

Perret Associates estimate that the potential loss in steam coal exports only (excluding metallurgical coal) from Murmansk to the EU and Med. destinations could equate to a maximum of 3-4mt during June-December. This assumes the worse case scenario when the bridge supplying coal to Murmansk will not be repaired before January 2021.

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Could Russian suppliers succeed where Indonesian have failed?

The DES ARA market remains heavy although the drop in prices over recent weeks could well make fresh shorts hesitate before entering the market. A spell of colder than usual weather and some short-covering are also helping to support the market.

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Interview with Guillaume Perret, Founder and Director, Perret Associates

Guillaume talks to Coaltrans about his forecasts for the coal price.

Clean Energy Plan and its impact on the energy and coal markets

Guillaume Perret’s interview at “Between the Lines” on Channel News Asia.